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For connoisseurs of true pleasures of life there is no better fun than picking olives. What hundred years ago was just one of the physical work to the Dalmatian labourers, today turns into a real eco-attraction - in the fresh air, greenery and usually one step away from the clear blue sea, the fruits of nature all around us, physical work and tangible results of that work at the end of the day, socializing and healthy meals in nature ... things that many chronically lack in life and that are a welcome departure from life in offices, cars and homes, surrounded by screens, cell phones, e-mails and the virtual world without odor, colour and taste.

The olive harvest is a sacred time for olive growers, when a yearlong effort pays off. In our Agro resort on the island of Brač we are especially looking forward to the olive harvest: last year we picked up 14,000 kilograms of olives and, after pressing them in our mini-mill on the property, we got almost 1500 litres of the finest extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil „Bračka Perla“is an essential part of the meal that we prepare with love, and our guests can take away with themselves the part of the Mediterranean Sea in a bottle of oil, as a gift of the hotel and the memory of Brač, and those who fall in love with the unique taste of "Bračka Perla", may buy the oil in the hotel, tastefully packaged, suitable for a gift, but also for their own personal satisfaction.